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Why use Kinetic Six TracKS?

TracKS is the best tracking solution to merge together all of your assets. Whether it's a fleet of trucks using GSM, aircraft using satellite, and people using UHF, they can all be combined into one solution. Messaging can be relayed through multiple technologies just like they were on the same network.

How much does TracKS Cost?

Kinetic Six strives to provide one of the most cost-effective tracking platforms available without compromising the security, usability, versatility and technological advancement of the product. Get in touch to receive a personal consultation and direct quote.

What makes TracKS different?

TracKS is superior to other advanced tracking solutions because of its high level of adaptability. Our software utilises all of the best tracking hardware on the market, which is pre-programmed for easy deployment, as well as being able to support your current hardware. Our multinational team is made up of a unique blend of former military, government, intelligence, NGO and private sector employees with extensive experience operating in conflict zones and other challenging environments. We are therefore able to provide our clients with the highest level of advice and support.

What about installation and updates?

Updates for our TracKS software are done in real-time and online so you get the latest and greatest set of features. Updates for firmware on the tracking terminals is performed over the air if the hardware supports it. Otherwise and simple installer is loaded onto a computer and the trackers are updated on site. Professional, trained staff performs installation so you get the best product.

Can I track a vehicle with complete discretion?

Yes! The trackers can be installed in discreet locations, and can run off of battery power for an extended period of time if you are unable to connect them to a power source.

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